Why Eyebrow Threading May be for You

- 11/16/2019

Eyebrow threading is a hair-removal technique in which aestheticians loop thread around errant brow hairs and pull them out at the root. It's been practiced for centuries in the Middle East, India, and Asia.
In this procedure the threader first unwinds a few feet of thread and grabs it in the middle. They create a loop at the midpoint by winding the ends together several times. Next, the threader places one loose end in their mouth; one hand holds the other loose end while the other hand holds the loop. These three anchors allow the threader to alternate the pressure that tightly twists the thread together near the loop—and that twisting motion snags errant hairs and pulls them out.

You may be expected to pull your forehead and eyelid in the opposite direction so the skin around your brows is taut. While the skin is taut, the threader removes brow hairs and shapes your eyebrows. They may brush up your brows afterward and trim any excess length with brow scissors. The whole session takes about 10 minutes.
It can a little bit. You do feel the hairs being pulled out. But the sensation passes quickly—there's no residual pain like with waxing. Some may say that it's a bit more uncomfortable when the threader is working below the brows, because that skin is more sensitive.
Not at all.  Isolated locations can be as low as $4; whereas your entire face can be done as low as $29.  It is important to note that these are today's prices and pricing may very per location and cost of living.  However, overall it is a very inexpensive way of removing unwanted facial hair and getting that perfect look.